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2008 Ballot Questions - Presidential Election

Hello All,

Below you can link to the questions that will appear on the statewide ballot and also on the Prince George’s County ballot. I have noted in red how I will be voting.

2008 Presidential Election Ballot Questions - Statewide

2008 Presidential Election Ballot Questions - Prince George's County

As you can see I am against early voting because I think early voting discourages voter turnout especially if the media sends the message that a race is moving towards one candidate. Early voting also takes away from candidates doing a last minute push to convince voters to vote for them.--especially since major endorsers tend to come out at the last minute.

I am also against slots coming to the state of Maryland. Do not be fooled that the money is going to Education and that slots will not come to Prince George’s County. We were already promised that the lottery money would go to education, but yet our school system still remains the second from the bottom in the whole state of Maryland. And, the referendum does not commit to any percentage of the funds going to education—as a matter of fact the way it reads, you would think everything is going to education.

When you authorize slots now, you are saying it is fine to bring the slots to any County in the State of Maryland. We all know what happens to communities and families when we allow slots. Also, we should not rely on slots as the only way to generate money for education. We must vote NO on this referendum!

Re: the questions enabling the County to issue bonds, I am against approving the County to borrow money and issue any dollar amount for bonds until the County ensures that minority businesses in the County can benefit from the contracts generated from these projects. When you talk about design, construction, reconstruction, extension, acquisition, improvement, enlargement, alteration, renovation, relocation, rehabilitation or repair of Facilities, we need to look inside the County to fulfill those contracts and since we have done a poor job so far—I am voting against those referendums.

I am for extending the time for Notice of Public Hearing on a Bill and I am against any tax increase unless we have the right leadership in place to ensure the money spent is for the best interest of the County.

Sandy Pruitt
Leader, People for Change

2008 Presidential Election Ballot Questions - Statewide

2008 Presidential Election Ballot Questions - Prince George's County


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2008 Ballot Questions
2008 Ballot Questions
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