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About Us

People for Change is a nonpartisan group of independent thinkers who formed mid-year 2006. We represent a group of leaders across the county who met while working on various campaigns and saw the need to unite efforts to effect positive change in the County.

In 2009 we formed the Coalition for Change to engage constituents in local and state elections. We are currently focusing on the Special Election in District 6 due to the seat vacated by Leslie Johnson.

What brought us together was the passion we had for the County and our willingness to leverage resources and talents to be a catalyst for change.

Our group consists of bright and talented individuals who are strategic thinkers and planners, education advocates, business owners, technology consultants, writers, trainers, retired teachers, marketing consultants, developers and builders, parents and students.

Our leaders all have extensive distribution lists and contacts and are very involved in the County as well as their respective professions. We are reaching over 30,000 households in Prince George's County and Maryland.





Wake up Prince George's County

Protesters Call for Removal of County Leaders
Bland and Dean Walk Out on Residents at Council Meeting
School System Deserves Better Leadership
Support Traditional Marriage
Oppose Civil Unions
Taxes Rise in MD 1/1/08
Slots on the ballot for Nov 08
Number of Homocides is still too high for Prince George's County

2008 Ballot Questions
2008 Ballot Questions
Slots are not for Maryland!