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1.Organized the Coalition for Change to lead a County-wide campaign for a new Prince George’s County in 2010:

2 Held a Town Hall Meeting on Crime with the Law Enforcement Leadership of Prince George's County 3/23/2011

3.. Testified in Annapolis iagainst of SB167 and H470 two in-state tuition bills for illegal immigrants (a bill iintroduced by Senator Victor Ramirez)

4..Partnering with other county organizations to put in place a referendum for recall and run-offs for the 2012 election.

5. Formed the Prince George's Nonprofit Coalition and held an Emergency Meeting on 4/1/2011 to address reduction in funding in the 2012 budget.

6. Testified 3/22/2011at the County Council meeting with members of the Real Estate Professionals for Change re: our concern about the confirmation of Eric C. Brown as Housing Director

7. Informed over 30,000 resident via e-mail about the Same-Sex Marriage Bill - SB 116

8. Testified in Annapolis Feb 2011 in support of HB363 Vehicular Manslaughter Bil

9. Keep residents informed about events and activites in the county thru our Stay Involved update

10. Testified 3/15/2011at the County Council meeting against in-state tuition for Illegal (introduced by Council member Will Campos).

11.Partnered with Concerned Citizens for District 6 and held a town hall about the future of the Lake Arbor and Marlborough Golf Courses

12.. Educated and informed over 4,500 constituents about the role of their elected officials and the districts they represent thru town hall meetings, workshops, and gatherings.

13. Registered over 100 new voters from January 2009 - June 2009

14.. Formed MBE for Change to serve as an advocacy organization for minority businesses in Prince George’s County www.mbeforchange.org

15. Partnered with other groups, leaders, and organizations around the County and successfully stopped the soccer stadium from coming to Prince George’s County.  People for Change led an aggressive e-mail campaign, lobbied our elected officials and testified at County Council Hearings and Annapolis against the soccer stadium deal.

16. Lead a protest to demand accountability and safety in our correctional facility and called for an indictment on the Ronnie White murder.Group Protest Delay in Jail Death Case (Ronnie White)

17. Inspired the birth of Real Estate Professionals for Change whose mission is to educate its members and the public about real estate issues. The organization also serves as a watchdog group.

18.. Informed constituents about how illegal aliens affect jobs, schools, contracts, crime, hospitals, roads, dept. of motor vehicles, and unemployment.

19. Testified in Annapolis against illegal aliens receiving free county services and benefits.

20. Partnered with other groups to pass legislation in Prince George’s County to include local minority business participation in the National Harbor project.

21. Lead a protest rally to demand accountability and responsibility from our elected officials.

22. Provided support around the county to the following communities:

  • Working with the homeowners of the Balmoral Community off of 301 in Upper Marlboro to address the builder MI Homes introducing smaller square foot and lesser quality homes in an upscale neighborhood.
  • Working with the Senior Community of Cameron Grove to address the poor quality built homes causing our seniors to live in unacceptable conditions. Cameron Grove Seniors Stand Up for Justice
  • Working with the residents of Laurel to become more engaged in the electoral process. Also led an agressive campaign to address the Sept 8, 2009 election of only one polling site for over 14,000 registered voters. Laurel Stands Up for Justice
  • Met with a Home Owner Association in New Carrollton to address citizen complaints about HOA Board
  • Assisted Home Owner Association and Civic Association leaders in a campaign to alert the community of that a strip mall is being built across the street from Flowers High School Springdate Community Says No to Strip Mall
  • Empowered a group from Greenbelt to address employment discrimination of black employees.
  • Organized tenants to fight against deplorable living conditions in their apartment complex in Oxon Hill.
  • Met with and engaged parents and community leaders to address school closings inside the beltway in Capitol Heights and Landover.
  • Addressed issues of concern to senior citizens in Mitchellville, Bowie and Capital Heights.

As a watchdog organization, we continue to write editorials to stimulate debate. These editorials have been published or quoted by the Washington Post, the Baltimore Sun, the Sentinel, the Examiner, the Gazette, the Washington Afro, and the Informer. We have also empowered others to write and participate.


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2008 Ballot Questions
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