A Catalyst Organization that Empowers and Energizes Prince George's County

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Our Mission

Vision – Be a catalyst organization that empowers and energizes Prince George’s County

Mission Statement – To revolutionize change in Prince George’s County

1. To create more educated and informed Voters in Prince George's County
2.Improve the political process
3. Improve the educational outcomes and processes
4. Mentor and educate our youth to be the next generation of leaders
5. Collaborate with other organizations and groups to bring awareness and reduce crime
6. Promote fair participation and inclusion in the economic development of the County
7. Create ad-hoc partnerships and alliances with leaderships organizations already in existence to accomplish goals
8. Increase awareness of Health Care issues





Wake up Prince George's County

Protesters Call for Removal of County Leaders
Bland and Dean Walk Out on Residents at Council Meeting
School System Deserves Better Leadership
Support Traditional Marriage
Oppose Civil Unions
Taxes Rise in MD 1/1/08
Slots on the ballot for Nov 08
Number of Homocides is still too high for Prince George's County

2008 Ballot Questions
2008 Ballot Questions
Slots are not for Maryland!