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Why We Formed

People for Change formed because we saw a high level of complacency from the citizens of Prince George's County. They continue to elect the same individuals back in office and never demand anything from them.

Elected officials were not being challenged or held accountable for their actions. People were not engaged and the majority of the residents in the County were not voting. For example in the 2006 Primary election, of the 850,000 residents, only 350,000 are registered to vote and approximately 100,000 voted in the race for County Executive.

We feel there needs to be a watchdog organization in the County to bring to light that we have elected leaders who do not represent us and who continue to treat and disrespect us because we let them. Also, these elected officials know there are no consequences. So, while we may want to blame the politicans, we must point the finger at the citizens who do not vote or who consistently put the same people back in office.






Wake up Prince George's County

Protesters Call for Removal of County Leaders
Bland and Dean Walk Out on Residents at Council Meeting
School System Deserves Better Leadership
Support Traditional Marriage
Oppose Civil Unions
Taxes Rise in MD 1/1/08
Slots on the ballot for Nov 08
Number of Homocides is still too high for Prince George's County

2008 Ballot Questions
2008 Ballot Questions
Slots are not for Maryland!